CFRP Sandwich Panel

  • Used as Solar Array substrate Panel
  • Sizes up to 1153x2340
  • Thickness as requested by customer
  • Overhead potted inserts, no contact between potting material and backside Facesheet.
  • Kapton foil for electrical insulation
  • Full space-grade documentation package (incoming inspections, procedures, shop travelers, production samples, ...)
  • Custom machining of shape and insert pockets


Rwa Substrate Panel

Substrate Panel

CFRP folding Antenna

  • 16m total length 
  • 0,4mm wall thickness
  • Revolutionary self latching folding element
  • Cyanate Esther construction
  • extreme temperature stability -260°C to 350 °C
  • bonded silver strip for optimal electrical properties


Antenna stowed

CFRP Folding Strut

  • Revolutionary self latching folding element
  • High stiffness, ultra low weight
  • 90g for 1,80m Y-Strut
  • CFRP gussets as node connector
  • 0,4mm wall thickness (Struts and gusset)

Folding Element Deployed

Folding Element semi Deployed

Folding Element stowed




CFRP Snubber

  • support for solar array in stowed configuration
  • High stiffness, ultra low weight
  • FEM evaluated design