About us

Carbospacetech GmbH is a young start up company situated in Immenstaad Germany. We design and produce high performance CFRP parts for space and speciality applications. As a subsidiary of SpaceTech GmbH we are working together closely on a number of different projects. 

Our core competence lies with Filament Winding but we also use traditional CFRP processes like prepreg layup or laminating. We pride ourselfs in the production of top quality hardware. To that end we develop our own tooling and equipment. 

We are developing new, cutting edge, processes on a regular basis. With the comissioning of our Filament Placement Machine we will be able to produce not only sandwichpanels at an even more competitive price, but will also be able to produce curved surfaces like primary mirrors. Another field of research is the automated application of solar cells to substrate panels.

If you are looking for inovative design and high performance hardware, Carbospacetech will be a reliable partner.